Nolimit Enters into Content Deal with Starfish Media

Nolimit City is pleased to announce that it has entered into a content deal with popular casino group Starfish Media that will see it supply the group with its entire portfolio of slot games.   Starfish Media’s casino portfolio includes Casino Estrella and Lucky 31 Casino.

In terms of the agreement signed between the parties, Starfish Media’s casino products will gain access to Nolimit city’s complete casino library, which includes a number of slot games from several leading developers with titles such as Kitchen drama – Sushi mania slot, Space Arcade slot and Creepy Carnival slot. All the slot games supplied by Nolimit city to Starfish Media have been developed in HTML5 and can, therefore, be played on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Commenting on the new deal, Jonas Tegman, the Chief Technology Officer at Nolimit city said that Starfish Media has the right mix of people to become big and successful and the journey has already begun. Tegman also said that they definitely would like to be there when this happens and that they are confident that their high-quality games will be part of the success.

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Some worthy online gambling tips for new gamblers

online gambling slot game

Online casinos are gradually entering into our households via their down to earth exaggerated promotions and real life like gaming options. Having so many elusive gaming choices and mounting prizes, online casino industry is surely one of the best entertainment options for every individual looking for a matured fun alternative. But, all the glitters are not stars, hence it needs to be care of few things if you want to enjoy your casino entertainment optimistically, and few of them are mentioned follows.

A planned behavior

A gambler is known for his patience not by his exaggeration; coz a gambler can only take vise moves when he is having a cool mind. Like, any industrial organizational structure, here too, a sound planning is necessary to control the betting behaviors of a sound man. Basic planning components can be how much you want to wager in total along with split value of each part, games you want to play, and gaming destinations of your choice. However, there is another step before even you plan your online gambling portfolio, and that is selecting a best alternative to wager your money at. (continue reading…)

Winning at Texas Hold’em through Tight-Aggressive Play

A game of poker is without a doubt a game that needs both luck and skill in order for the player to triumph over his opponents. It is a casino game that demands constant practice in order for the player to become more skilled at it. It is by no means a game that relies solely on the player’s luck, and you will likely fail at it if you are not playing the game correctly. One of the most popular variations of the game is Texas Hold’em and of course, there are different play styles in the game that you can go for, but one plat style sits right at the top of them all.


Learning How to Fold

The first thing that you should learn before trying out this specific play style is to become patient at the game. You really should know when to fold and when to call, bet or raise. Bluffing is really overrated as good players will be able to see right through your bluff and call it, leaving you at a very tight spot as the game progresses. With that said, we can now move on to the proper way of playing the game.
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Understanding Blackjack Strategies at Online Casinos

If ever you are an avid online casinos gamer or a live casino player, chances are, you have already tried blackjack out. If you have already played the game, then you understand that the game is not exactly a game that requires only luck. Blackjack is a very popular casino game since it involves some strategy and not just pure luck. Players want a game that feels that their decisions have an effect to the overall outcome of the game after all. So if you are looking forward to playing blackjack, you have to understand the game first. (continue reading…)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing at Online Casinos

There are many people who say that playing at online casino is far more advantageous than playing at land based casinos, but then again, there are also those who opt to play at land based casinos and prefer them than online casinos. For this reason, let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of online casinos.


The Advantages

Obviously, the first advantage that online casinos give is the fact that players get to save some money when they play online. If they play at land based casinos, they will have to allot some part of their budget for transportation and accommodation costs, not to mention the fact that they still have to pay for their foods. But when they opt to play at online casino, then they no longer have to spend some extra cash because they do not have to leave their homes just so they could play their favorite casino games. (continue reading…)

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